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What’s the big deal about air duct cleaning? Shockingly, air ducts in the average home collect up to 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens! Turning on your heat or air conditioning unit circulates all those pollutants throughout your home which can aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma and pet allergies. Having clean air ducts can also lower your monthly heating bill! Simply by cleaning out the debris from your air duct system you make the system work less which means less electricity to run it which means… guessed it, you save money!

There is also the fire hazard to consider. Air duct cleaning cleans out all kinds of combustible material that given the fact that the furnace when running is literally on fire can ignite, leaving very devistating consequences behind.So while you may not consider duct cleaning a priority or are putting it off till later, think of the fact that  you can save your family and yourself a whole lot of unnecessary problems by scheduling a technician to come out to your home and clean those ducts!

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Air Duct filled with Dust

Air Duct Cleaning is a process that should be handled by experienced and professional contractors. Our team is committed to making sure your air ducts are cleaned and treated properly.
Not just Clean-Pile’s Clean.

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Clean Safe Air Ducts

Pile’s Carpet Care is here to take care of your air ducts. We make sure they are cleaned from the furnace all the way to the vents to ensure you breathe clean, healthy air.

Our Live Enzyme Odor Neutralizer goes into the carpet and feeds on the portion in biological properties. Basically it kills the odor by starvation!

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