Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Service For Both Residential and Commercial

When you clean tile floors by hand, its very hard work.  It’s messy, uncomfortable and virtually impossible to get the deep-clean results that come with professional tile and grout cleaning.

Regular mopping alone cannot reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Grout is a porous material and it collects dirt, grime and spills, often discoloring the surface.

Pile’s professional tile and grout cleaning service uses professional cleaning methods to remove the hidden dirt and allergens restoring the beauty to your floors.

We at Pile’s Want to make sure our clients are comfortable with the entire cleaning process so we explain each step not only in the beginning but through out the work being carried out. Pile’s Employees are happy to answer any questions about concerns or anything else that might come up. We ask that our customers not hesitate to ask, our guys are trained professionals so fire away!

We back our work with a satisfaction guarantee because we are confident that once you’ve tried our services out you will be a part of our customer base for as long as you are in our service area. We want each and every client to know just how important they are to us so we are committed to not leaving a job until we’ve walked through the cleaned areas and gotten the approval because in the end its not what we think its what our clients think that counts.

Tile Cleaning Services

When you hire Piles Carpet Care to clean your tile we start by measuring the area and giving you the dollar amount of the project before we start. Apon agreeing on a price our techs get right to work vacuuming the area to be cleaned extracting any large debris that could potentially damage the floor. 

Then the tech will spray the proper solution needed to get the floor looking its best and let it sit on the floor for a few minutes to make sure it has time to loosen up the build up.

Using a buffer or a hand scrubber the tech will then go over the entire area to be cleaned making sure to hit every spot to the best of his or her ability.

Finally after the entire area has been scrubbed the tech will use one of our high pressure systems to rinse and extract the chemical from the floor leaving it looking its very Best!

Not just Clean-Pile’s Clean.

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Color Seal Protection

When the grout looks like it will never look good again we have the ultimate solution. Our color sealant adheres to your existing dingy grout and turns it back to its original state.

Apon agreeing on a price the process of getting started is similar to cleaning your a matter of fact we do clean it. The color seal is applied after the grout lines are completely dry. At this point the tech will begin applying the color seal to the grout lines. This product dries very quickly and lasts for a very long time so its important to choose a color that you are happy with.

After the tech is done applying the sealant he or she will clean the tile of any residue left behind by the product finally unveiling a practically brand new floor!

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